Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Restaurante Las Palmas


We arrived in San Pancho late in the evening and famished, with nothing on our agenda other than food and beer. We quickly found both at Restaurante Las Palmas, located right on the small town's sandy beach. As we dug our feet into the sand we chowed on everything from enchiladas to fish prepared in banana leaves, and huge plates of shrimp and fish ceviche. Many beers were consumed as we took turns visiting the surf, and at the end of the meal we were shocked to find that our bill for a group of 12 amounted to a mere $15 USD per person.

The following morning we were back at Restaurante Las Palmas, this time in search of their plastic lounge chairs (and admittedly, more beer). As long as you keep the drink orders coming, Restaurante Las Palmas will let you take up residence on their beach chairs, and we were more than happy to oblige. But eventually beer leads to hunger pains, and thus we were able to sample a few more incredible selections from the menu:

Octopus prepared with garlic

I'd thought plates of food like this only existed in my dreams. The octopus was the perfect texture: not too rubbery, not too soft. Now as for how it left my breath, that's another matter entirely...

Steak Fajitas

John devoured these tasty fajitas in between margaritas.

House Specialty: Guacamole

I am not a guacamole fan myself, but the aficionados in our group tell me this version, with cucumbers, takes the cake. The cucumbers gave it a fresh, clean taste, complementing the texture perfectly.

The view from Restaurante Las Palmas

Directions: Head straight to the beach in San Pancho from the "city center" entrance. Las Palmas will be on your right hand side. Have some of the ceviche for me!

- Katie


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