Saturday, January 05, 2008

La Bottegga dei Sapori


It has been so long since we've blogged that I momentarily forgot our Blogspot username and password. One visitor to The Gourmand Syndrome even asked if we were on a food diet. However "diet" is a word that is certainly not in our vocabulary; in reality, an over-committed schedule over the past two months has been our excuse. What better way to rejuvenate, and get back into the blogging spirit, than spending eight days in San Pancho, Mexico.

San Pancho, also referred to as San Francisco, is a tiny coastal fishing village in Nayarit, about 30-40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta (PV). The town is a perfect hideout for anyone needing a little R&R and a lot of time focused on eating.

Upon our arrival in San Pancho we quickly stumbled upon many culinary gems, including La Bottegga dei Sapori, a cute Italian bakery owned by a sweet, hippie couple from Milan. Each day (with the exception of Sunday) La Bottegga dei Sapori offers up incredible treats, such as fruit tarts, profiteroles that will make you cry with joy, and steaming hot slices of pizza for 20-22 pesos each. I personally chose to start each morning with a piece of their pizza con olives for breakfast.

Pizza con olives - 22 pesos (approximately $2.20)

The owners of La Bottegga dei Saproi are so gracious that when we inquired about a cake for a friend's birthday, they quickly created a jumbo version of their profiteroles for our group of 12. On our last day in town I picked up a piece of the pizza con olives for the road, and nestled it on my lap as we made the car trip to the airport in PV. I forced myself to keep that slice of pizza wrapped in foil through the lush, curving jungle roads, until the traffic began to slow, and the signs for "Senor Frogs" became abundant. The slice was cold, but delicious nonetheless.

Stay tuned for more excerpts from San Pancho, including fresh tortillas, taco carts, and even some fine dining. (No diets allowed.)

- Katie

La Bottegga dei Sapori
Calle America Latina #7
San Pancho, Nayarit
01 (311) 258.4392
Open Monday through Saturday


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