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Hamiltons Steak & Seafood


We really wanted to get out of dodge for Labor Day weekend but that old, unshakable relative known as "the budget" prevented us from doing so. By Monday we were stir crazy, and in need of anything remotely approaching the word "trip"--even if it came in the form of a drive to Logan, Utah, about an hour and a half north of Salt Lake. What better excuse to visit a small, agricultural college town and dine at its finest restaurant?

For three years Hamiltons has been serving up seafood and steaks in a fairly rural, and still relatively undiscovered, town. I was surprised to find a blackened ahi tuna on the menu for a mere $18, along with a bottle of Adelsheim Pinot Noir for around $50ish...definitely a fair mark-up.

Though I hate to chat specifics on meat, I will report for J that Hamiltons offers corn-fed USDA stockyard beef aged up to four weeks. Locally ground organic flour is used for the house made bread, and we were thrilled with the restaurants extensive menu of wine and spirits. Hamiltons also hosts seasonal wine dinners, which are reasonably priced, and surely a nice way for local heathens to connect. Check out their upcoming schedule by emailing

Oysters on the half shell - $3 each

A little pricey, since a dozen can usually run you around $15, but they were fresh, delicious and worth the added investment.

Bouillabase - $22

Mussels, clams, halibut, salmon, and crab in a tomato basil broth. Probably a perfect selection in December or January, but for early September, it felt a bit heavy.

Kansas City Strip Steak.JPG
Bone-in Kansas City Strip Steak - $35

Beautifully cooked with a rich beefy flavor. Let's just say it could be a meal all by itself. J had a difficult time finishing the creamy mashed potatoes after topping off the 16 oz. steak.

Chantilly Chocolate Cake.JPG
Chocolate Chantilly Cake with Pistachio Ice Cream - $7

Hamiltons desserts are made in-house, though I'd rather not ask for a calorie-check. Ignorance is bliss on this one. The pistachio ice cream was the perfect fit to tame the rich chocolate. But once the ice cream was gone, there was still a huge chunk of cake left. After three days later I finally managed to eat every last bit.

- K

Hamiltons Steak & Seafood
2427 N. Main Street
Logan, UT 84341
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Blogger Kalyn said...

I was born in Logan while my dad was a student at Utah State and my mom was a nurse at Budge Memorial Hospital. Of course that was long before this restaurant arrived on the dining scene there. Never been to this place, but it sure does look great!

9:04 AM  
Blogger Sara Z. said...

In case you're looking for a potential blog topic that won't cost you any money - I'm curious if you guys more or less agree/disagree with the findings in Salt Lake Magazine's "Cheap Eats" cover story. Their picks kind of look like the usual suspects. Which could just mean those places are consistently good and cheap, but maybe they missed something.

9:17 AM  
Blogger K&J said...


I think that SL Magazine did a good job with the "Cheap Eats". I'm going from memory here, as I left my issue at work, but they included some great offbeat places like Chanon Thai, Cafe Shambala and the Sears Taco Carts.
I would supplement the list with some of the following places:
Acme Burger Company (too new for the issue); Lone Star Taqueria; Finn's Cafe; Big City Soup; Caffe Niche (too new for issue) and Mazza (although it can get expensive fast).
What would you have liked to see on their list? We are always looking for cheap eats, especially on Sunday, when the budget is spent and everyone is closed!


8:27 PM  
Blogger Pjamms said...

Your foodie blog puts mine to SHAME!


I'm sure Logan has some culinary delights but certainly never thought to actually GO there and see what they are. Thanks for the tip! Very well done!

11:10 AM  
Blogger Sara Z. said...

Sadly, I really have no suggestions. I am woefully underschooled and still have to try 2/3 of the places on the list! And every place you've blogged about. I've taken a side job just to have a little extra going out to eat maybe soon I will make a discovery.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even after the time that has passed since the original comments on Hamiltons, I pleased to say that it still serves the highest quality food around. Having grown up in the midwest, we were thrilled when Hamiltons opened and served beef that had that Kansas City taste. Often Justin is there to greet you and make sure you are satisfied. My father-in-law says Hamiltons is as good as any place in St.Louis!

5:41 PM  

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