Saturday, December 09, 2006

Restaurant Bond

Restaurant Bond

Bond is warm and indulgant like an expensive chocolate bar, and retro in a modern way. An interior accent rock wall reminded me instantly of my grandparents wet bar in their late 60's rambler. A sage colored ceiling softened up the mustard and toffee colored velour curtains, and curved bar stools of caramel held fashionable Dutch women in boots chain smoking over lunch.

We arrived at Bond cold and a little out of it from having not slept the entire plane ride to Amsterdam, but still, we were eager to begin the culinary adventure. The server promptly took our coats and put a wine list in front of us, getting us on our way.

Oysters on the Half Shell
Oysters on the half shell with salsa of coriander, tomato and parsley

The salsa had a nice kick to it, but my favorite oysters on the half shell are still the ones at Lucy's Table in Portland, Ore.

Salmon Tartare
Salmon Tartare with Dill Sauce and Wild Greens

J found the salmon to be moist and delicate, and you just can't go wrong with dill.

Mushroom Soup
Wild Mushroom Soup with Mushroom Crostini

The serving of soup was huge! I needed a life preserver. It was lovely though; slightly creamy without being rich. Between this and the wild mushroom crostini riding sidecar, I was full.

Wild Game and Mushroom Ravioli
Wild Game and Mushroom Ravioli

The bird, ravioli and mushrooms were tasty, but J felt the tomato sauce had a bit too much vinegar. Nonetheless he managed to clean his plate.

Ricotta Ravioli
Ricotta and Mint Tortelini with Pecorino and Sage

Wow. This was a very unique and hearty combination; I loved it. I only wish the mushroom soup had left me with more room to enjoy the pillows of cheese.

Restaurant Bond is off the beaten path and seems to be a place where local neighborhood hipsters go for lunch and drinks. We'd be curious to see if the mood changed at night. Unfortunately, with so little time, and so much Amsterdam, we had to bid Restaurant Bond adieu and start thinking about dinner.

Valeriusstraat 128b
1075 GD Amsterdam
Phone 020 676 46 47


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