Saturday, November 11, 2006

Utah Law Strikes Again

J's birthday celebration is continuing tonight via dinner with my brother and his wife. The cute newlyweds stopped by this morning to firm up plans and we offered to come by their house pre-dinner with a bottle of bubbly. I went about my entire day looking forward to a refreshing glass of sparkling; it's the reason I made it through 100 sit-ups at the gym, kept my mouth shut when my hair stylist was running 30 minutes behind and patiently ignored the screaming toddler at the grocery store. Tonight I would have bubbly.

I came home around 4:30 (or wine-thirty, as we call it on weekends) to find J staring glumly out the window. "Do you see that flag?" he asked, motioning to the American Flag standing erect in our neighbor's yard. "Do you know what that means?" he went on. I nodded. "Veteran's Day," I quickly responded, proud that I had already called my father, a Veteran, to thank him, as is the custom. But that wasn't where J was headed. "Do you know what that means?" he repeated, and this time I got it: state holiday means no bubbly from the state wine store.

You see, in Utah we do not have the liberty of local wine shops, or even wine sections at our grocery stores. In the Beehive State we have two options for obtaining wine locally: the state wine store and the state liquor store; neither of which is open on anything approaching a holiday. And don't even think about Sundays. In fact, on the nights leading up to any kind of holiday the stores typically have to limit the number of customers allowed in the store at one time...because it is such mayhem. People stock up! Unfortunately for us, yesterday afternoon, we were not among them. Thanks, Utah...way to burst our bubble.

- K


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