Sunday, November 05, 2006

Election Day Fallout

This Tuesday (November 7) J will turn 35. We don't really do gifts at our house; instead we like to do experiences. Clothes inevitably end up on ebay too soon after we tire of them, but a great meal together is something that keeps on giving all year long in the form of memories. (Though now that J is turning 35 that memory of his may be on its way downhill.)

J decided on the The Blue Boar Inn for his birthday dinner. We've never been there but have heard good things about it. Located in the stunning Heber Valley (Midway, UT to be exact) The Blue Boar Inn is close enough to Park City for any Sundance attendees or snow bunnies, and the Four Diamond restaurant boasts the highest possible Zagat rating of 26. It has also received Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence, and has been named Utah's top dining establishment by the Best of State organization. Sounds great, right? Too bad J's birthday falls on Election Day this year.

As if Utah doesn't make it hard enough throughout the year to buy a bottle of wine, the beehive state is one of nine states with some type of alcohol ban on the big day. Bottom line is this: restaurants and liquor stores are not allowed to sell alcohol on Tuesday until after the polls have closed, the reasoning being that one might have a hard drink with their meal and end up making a horrible mistake in the voting box.

Now as an article in the Salt Lake Tribune pointed out Salt Lake City International Airport is allowed to sell liquor to anyone flashing an ID from out of state. If only we still had fake IDs we could enjoy buffalo wings and Sutter Home chardonnay "on the fly".

Instead we will have a belated birthday celebration at The Blue Boar Inn on Thursday, and the wine we will be able to consume will help us mourn the silly rules that sometimes come with living in this bright red state.

Check back later this week to read all about our meal at The Blue Boar Inn.

- K


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