Friday, November 28, 2008

Altengartz Bratwurst Truck


We only lived in Portland for one year, but the memories are among our most vivid -- especially when it comes to Portland eats. From cheap to cher, we packed some incredible food into a short period of time. One of our favorite spots is fortunately also one of the more budget-friendly: Altengartz Mobile Restaurant. Typically parked at the corner of SW 10th and Alder, the juiciest brats we've ever had are sold out of this old, white "roach coach." At night, proprietor Jameson Altengartz would sometimes move the truck to the corner of SW Second Avenue and Ash Street, where bar-hoppers could indulge their hunger pains between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. (I do confess to a few late night visits to this location, in my pajamas, no less.)

On a recent trip to catch up with friends -- and try some of the new restaurants that have popped up since we left PDX -- we made sure to visit this old favorite. When J ordered his brat with habanero salsa -- a speakeasy item that one had to know of or have Jameson offer, since it did not appear on the actual menu -- Jameson smiled and said, "Wow, that was like, five years ago." It was a well-deserved reminder that while Portland may still feel relevant to us, a lot has changed since our departure.

Altengratz Brats - $4.50 each

A little bit of cheese for me, and a lot of sauerkraut and mustard for J. Habanero salsa or not, we still enjoyed every bite.

- K

Altengartz Mobile Restaurant

Corner of SW 10th & Alder
Portland, OR 97205


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