Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tulie Bakery

Tulie Bakery Exterior.JPG

I observed several days of mourning when I learned Salt Lake City chocolatier Xocolate had decided to close its doors. Not only had their chocolates become a staple in my food pyramid, I'd also been impressed with the tasteful way Xocolate's owners had given an old building a contemporary makeover. Since Xocolate said "no mas" last April I have been anxious to see who would move into the lovely space, and what they would do with it.

And so I was thrilled when I began seeing signs around town announcing that Tulie Bakery would be going into the north of ninth and ninth spot. Ever a sweet-tooth, I have long felt that Salt Lake City just does not have enough quality bakeries. With their advertisement of fresh, quality pastries--and being open on Sundays no less--Tulie Bakery sounded promising from their fliers alone.

The cute new bakery must have opened sometime within the past week, and so today I made a beeline for the sweet spot, picking up a couple croissants and a little coconut cream tart. I was a little surprised when the trio ran me $13, but as we soon discovered, Tulie Bakery is worth every penny.

Tulie Bakery Croissant.JPG
Croissant - $3.25

At $3.25 each the croissants are pricey, but they are also nearly double the size of others around town. Nestled within a crusty, toasty exterior are layers of soft, buttery pastry. These delectable croissants reminded us of those found in a little bakery in the Latin Quarter of Paris.


Coconut Cream Tart.JPG
Coconut Cream Tart - $6.25

Fortunately for me, J is not big on sweets, so I had this entire treat to myself. It tasted fresh and subtle: not too rich and not too sweet.


In addition to these fabulous finds, Tulie Bakery offers elegant cakes, cupcakes, morning pastries and coffee. The friendly woman at the counter explained that two sisters have opened the joint, which just makes me all the more excited to plunk down future earnings there.

- K

Tulie Bakery
863 East 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hong Kong Tea House & Restaurant

Last week I watched a movie in which characters were chowing on Dim Sum, and I had been craving the small Chinese dishes ever since. Today we indulged my craving with a trip to Hong Kong Tea House & Restaurant, voted "Best Chinese" by Salt Lake City Weekly's "Best of 2008" Awards.

Located across the street from the now defunct Orbit cafe, Hong Kong Tea House & Restaurant is among old brick buildings that simply ooze potential but have yet to receive the kind of love they deserve. Its own exterior a faded gray, Hong Kong Tea House & Restaurant is easy to miss: but if you haven't been there then the only thing you are missing is a delicious, cheap meal.

The one problem with going out for Dim Sum when we were already famished is that we selected far too many dishes on the form, and then proceeded to say yes to every dish they brought our way while we awaited our initial order. Suffice to say we were close to food comas by the time we paid the bill. Highlights of the meal included:

BBQ Pork - $4.25

J found this version of the other white meat to be tender and succulent.

Beef Wienoki Mushroom Roll - $4.25 for 4

These little babies had a nice peppery kick to them.

Jumbo Shrimp Dumpling - $3.50 for 4

Soft, warm and idea of comfort food.

Beef Rice Noodle Roll - $3.50 for 3

This one sounded great in theory, but getting it from the serving dish to our own plates (and then to our mouths) was another matter entirely. Most of mine ended up on the table...Fortunately I believe in the five second rule.

Crab Meat Dumpling - $3.50 for 4

Rich and meaty in texture.

Deep Fried Taro Dumplings - $2.95 for 3

These were incredibly delicate and fluffy little pillows.

Hong Kong Tea House & Restaurant scores extra points with me by being open on Sundays. Combine that with endless cups of jasmine tea for a buck, and I think it is fair to say that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

- K

Hong Kong Tea House & Restaurant
565 West 200 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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