Thursday, May 31, 2007

Les Madeleines


Since moving back to Salt Lake City from Portland in the summer of 2005, we have been pining away for the incredible croissants at our former neighborhood stop, Pearl Bakery. We'd begun to think that crisp, buttery croissants were going to have to be a plane ride away. That is, until we met Vanessa, writer of fellow SLC blog She Craves, who graciously pointed out that SLC patisserie, Les Madeleines, offers up beautiful, buttery croissants from scratch two days a week!

It's no surprise that we hadn't tripped across Les Madeleines before. It happens to be located on State Street, one of those roads that we just don't travel much, short of needing an oil change or a new car. So you can imagine our surprise when we found out that behind the cinderblock structure with a lime green awning located at 660 S. State are the city's best croissants--on Fridays and Saturdays, that is.

The best $1.95 you can spend in Salt Lake City on a Friday or Saturday.

But incredible croissants are just the beginning. Les Madeleines is best known for its Kouing-aman; so much so that they've had to institute a limit on how many one can buy on a visit. As the signage sweetly explains, this is so that every customer has a chance to buy one (though they will happily take pre-orders for as many as you'd like). I've yet to indulge in the Meyer Lemon Meringue Tartlette, which I stare at longingly during every visit. Gauging from the thick peaks of meringue, when I do give in I won't be disappointed.


And so began my new routine of driving down to Les Madeleines every Saturday morning for a few croissants, which I bring home to J and his awaiting cappucini. It isn't a cheap habit--or one that is particularly low in calories--but there is something immensely satisfying about supporting someone who offers a delicious, local alternative to mass-produced baked goods. Do I selfishly wish Les Madeleines were closer to my neighborhood? Sure. Will that stop me from driving down there every Saturday in my pajamas to feed our craving? Not a chance.

- K

Les Madeleines Patisserie and Cafe

660 S. State Street
216 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 355-2294

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Thursday, May 17, 2007


After sitting on Wish's balcony for a glass of wine one evening, we decided the South Beach eatery, located at The Hotel, would make a great site for our final dinner in Miami. The scene on their outdoor patio was easy and chic, with comfy chairs, trees wrapped in tiny white lights, and remixed Beth Orton playing overhead.

Thai Grouper Ceviche with coconut milk, Thai basil, ginger and lemongrass - $17

Fresh, light and tangy. I wish we'd ordered two.

Black Trumpet Dusted Diver Scallops with lemon and thyme, Pumpkin Pie Risotto - $35

When a dish combines some of my favorite things ever, I have a hard time sitting still after ordering. Such was the case with this combination of spicy pumpkin risotto and black trumpet dusted diver scallops. The risotto truly did taste like pie, and was so filling that I could barely finish my fourth scallop. But of course I managed to find room for dessert...

Crisy Skinned Snapper with grilled shrimp, chinese sausage, jasmine rice and Vietnamese tea foam - $36

With its Asian-inspired flavors and crispy-skinned fish, this dish had J licking his plate clean. The little puffy clouds of Vietnamese tea foam almost tasted like coconut, and had the consistency of dreams on a lazy summer day.

PB and Jay: Dark chocolate and peanut butter tart, rasperry jam and peanut butter gelato - $12

I had to fight back tears of joy when I saw this dessert selection on the menu. Between the nutty gelato, streak of jam and rich chocolate and peanut butter tart (did I mention the mint leaves) I felt like I was nine years old again, coming up with sweet concoctions in the kitchen while my babysitter watched The Love Boat.

It is safe to say that my dreams came true at Wish.

- K


801 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139