Saturday, January 06, 2007

Adventures in Foam Part II

The last time I tried to create a mushroom foam it did not turn out quite as planned. The foam ended up with a mousse-like consistency rather than the frothy foam that I was hoping for. I decided to try it again, this time using an immersion blender to get the bubbles.

So I went back online to ask if anyone had any helpful suggestions for my next attempt. After posting on Chowhound--and wading through all of the foam-hater comments--one helpful user left a link to a handy little blender used mostly for frothing milk for lattes. This blender was a fraction of the cost of an immersion blender ($20 compared to $100+), so K & I went to the nearest Bed Bath & Beyond to get one of these budget blenders for my foam experience, part deux.

Next we went to Aquarius to get the freshest white fish we could find. We were hoping to try it with Escolar or Sea Bass, but they were out so we went with Parrot Fish instead.

This time I decided to change a few of the other ingredients and steps while trying a new foaming method. First, I opted for a turnip puree rather than cauliflower. I find turnip puree to be creamier than cauliflower puree...even if I simmer the cauliflower in cream. Next, I separated the mushrooms from the mushroom jus, rather than blend it all together before foaming. The reason for this was two-fold: (1) I would use the sauteed mushrooms as part of the dish, and (2) I figured the mushroom jus would would foam better if it had a thinner consistency.

Parrot Fish

The dish turned out much better than last time. The foam was more of the airy consistency I was after and the flavor was perfectly light and earthy. The Parrot Fish was a little firmer in texture than Sea Bass, but still delicious. Oh, and the whole experience was far less messy than my first attempt!

- J


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great good job, I have to try it now!

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Dedalus2k said...

For your cauliflower puree cook it until it is almost mushy. Puree it in your food processor then run it through a fine strainer into equal parts stiff mashed potatoes.

12:19 AM  

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