Tuesday, January 02, 2007

BOKA Kitchen + Bar

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We'd been looking forward to our eats in Seattle over Christmas for a few months, so when I came down with a terrible cold a week before our trip we were both crushed. Completely congested and void of the ability to taste, I gave the sad vote that we postpone dinner at our beloved Mistral until our next visit to the Emerald City. Given the pretty penny one can spend there, J kindly agreed. But one meal that we couldn't cancel was lunch with J's dad and stepmom at the new urban hangout BOKA Kitchen + Bar. Jingle bells.

We sat in a corner booth with a funky glass wall that kept changing colors, which altered the hue of everything around us. This positively tickled J's stepmom, who couldn't get over the fact that every few minutes the Christmas ornaments in a vase at our booth were a different color!

Dungeness Crab Cupcakes
Warm Dungeness Crab Cupcakes - $5

Crème fraiche frosting, saffron salt sprinkles. I get positively giddy over little bites like this. I love when something so small is afforded so much frivolity.

Duck & Waffles
Duck and Waffles - $4

Confit of duck, pistachio waffle, glazed cherries. J found these to be fun and experimental.

Mushroom Bisque
Mushroom Bisque - $7

Comfort food for the common cold. I sucked this baby down. I'm sure the baked parmessan crisp floating in the center was good for the sinuses.

Wagyu Cheeseburger
American Wagyu Burger - $12

Fontina, tomato confit, grilled onions, truffle fries. Definitely the juiciest burger J's ever had. He said that if he wasn't careful the juice would have been dripping down his sleeves. Even J's dad, who pretends to be a vegetarian, enjoyed it.

I particularly enjoyed the truffle fries, mainly because I could actually taste them! I helped J with his and ordered an extra side for myself.

BOKA Kitchen + Bar is attached to the modernly appointed Hotel 1000, which has a comfortable lobby and funky gift shop. And since I am a freak about bathrooms, I have to add that BOKA shares a fabulous bathroom with the sleek hotel, complete with concrete counters and indulgent Molton Brown hand soap.

The following afternoon, while shoppers made their mad dash through Pacific Place for last minute gifts, J and I selfishly snuck back to BOKA for an afternoon of small bites and pinot noir. While we ultimately took heat from family for doing so (can't wait 'til next Christmas...perhaps a deserted beach in Mexico) it was well worth the guilt.

- K

BOKA Kitchen + Bar

1010 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

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