Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tsunami Sushi (Sugarhouse)

When it comes to sushi, I don't need a lavishly appointed restaurant with pagers to notify guests when their table is ready. In fact, I rather prefer to eat my raw fish at a place that is slightly nondescript, where I know the focus is on the fish, not the fashion.

Located next to a dollar flick theater in a strip mall, Tsunami's Sushi in Sugarhouse fits the bill. The service is inconsistent, the location uninspired, but the fish is always fresh and tasty.

Since we hadn't had any sushi since our fun-filled excursion home for Christmas, we decided to combat our withdrawls over the weekend with a visit to Tsnumai. What we were really craving was some escolar nigiri, even though the white fish's "bio" on does sort of freak us out.

Tsunami Sushi 2.JPG

Lunch Special - $12.95


1/2 California Roll
1/2 Tuna Roll
Eel Nigiri
Escolar Nigiri
Yellowfin Tuna Nigiri
Salmon - Nigiri
Tuna - Nigiri

Our server was a bit frosty at first, but she warmed up near the end of our meal, after J took over my glass of bubbly, sneaking sips in between breaks from his own. "I see you're double fisting it now," she joked, a slight upward curve forming on her lips, suggestive of a smile.

We never received the miso that was supposed to come with the lunch special, but in honor of Tsunami's fifth anniversary, we did receive a cute parting gift: complimentary sushi suckers. The sugary concotions are apparently running the restaurant 75 cents each, as the manager shared with our server while sailing by our table. Charming.

Sushi Suckers2.jpg


Tsunami Sushi (Sugarhouse location)
2223 South Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 467-5545

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Blogger Kalyn said...

I absolutely adore this place too. I could actually walk there from my house, how great is that! I think it's my favorite sushi place in Salt Lake.

7:07 PM  
Blogger K&J said...

Sounds like we are practically neighbors...we usually peddle down on our bikes. It is so nice to have a great sushi place in the neighborhood. Perhaps we'll see you there sometime!


10:04 PM  

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