Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Teru Sushi


When children first get their braces off they tend to rush to previously-forbidden treats like bubble gum and potato chips. For J, who spent the past year and a half of his late thirties sporting a grill, the two things he couldn't wait to sink his newly freed teeth into were sushi and a bottle of G.H. Mumm.

Salt Lake City has a collection of respectable sushi joints, but most of them can also quickly break the bank. After treating ourselves to the bottle of champagne we wanted to keep the party going -- but on a budget. Teru Sushi may be tucked away in a Fort Union area strip mall, but their sushi rivals that of other, more popular sushi restaurants in town. And whereas we usually leave some of the other establishments still hungry after dropping close to a c-note, we always manage to get out of Teru Sushi perfectly satisfied, and for nearly half the price.

Rainbow Roll: Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail - $7.50

Spicy Tuna Roll - $6.75

Alaska Roll: Crab, Avocado, Fresh Salmon - $6.50

Smokey Roll: Eel, Crab Salad, Smoked Salmon - $6.75

Charley Roll: Deep Fried Ebi, Scallop, Tuna, Hamachi - $7.50

At Teru Sushi you won't find concrete slab countertops or servers who are emulating Lauren Conrad. But slip in on a quiet weekday night and owner Mrs. Luong will deliver miso soup like a doting mother, and make you feel as though you are dining at her kitchen table.

- K

Teru Sushi
1844 E. 7000 S., #3
Cottonwood, UT 84121
(Open for lunch M-F, Dinner M-Sat.)

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